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Sol County Fair

SOLARIA Crowdfunding Anniversary Original Song Contest
vo. SOLARIA Lite (Synthesizer V)

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  Here at Sol County Fair,
  We have everything you'll ever want or need, come and see

  From cheese making to fishing
  To balloon toss and paintings
  All of this and more for free

  So when is it taking place?
  The 19th of January

  And where is being held?
  The Gardens of Sunny Dreams

  What is the entry fare?
  No fees, free to all who may come
  Just call us to register
  What are you waiting for?

  Come take your family on an adventure
  To the greatest place you'll ever see in the world
  As you eat and take in the sights,
  Oh may your gazes shine in delight
  So come one and all, enjoy Sol County Fair!

  Down here at Sol County Fair, there are so many
  Things to do and to peruse everywhere
  Talent shows, go-cart racing,
  bouncy castles and stargazing
  Booths as far the eye can see

  Horse riding and sandboarding during the day,
  And line dancing (going dancing) to the fiddle at sunset
  As the stars start filling the sky (skies),
  'round a fire, we will alight (may we around a fire alight)
  Filled with happiness, enjoying this great fair! 
  When it all comes to an end, as the fireworks fill the air
  Raise a glass, we'll see you all next year!
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