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The Great Harvest


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  Lo is the reaping of Harvest Moon
  The Gods have answered our prayers
  For extra grain and the lack of rain
  She has come to bless us this year

  Pour out the beer, bring out all the food
  The bards are singing their tunes
  The merry air, oh the festive cheer
  Give thanks for all that is due

  As leaves turn golden, days do shorten
  Life returns to you
  Let death temporal, life eternal
  Lead us to the truth

  We who have captured The Mother's gaze
  And we who tasted Her ire
  Let's not hold hatred nor bar our praises
  Please forgive us our ungratefulness

  God of the Seasons who counts the days
  We welcome this precious change
  (The ebbs and the peaks of life's)
  (waves that flow through the earth)
  (reminds us of your true beauty)

  So through the next season, 
  we'll sleep in Her bosom
  To wait for the light of day
  (Forge on pilgrim; look ahead,)
  (there is the light!)

  (Glory to the Gods who oversee all life)

  Covering them, all the Gods of Light extend their blessings
  (Gods of Darkness do the same)
  Born from the offerings the mortals bestowed to them
  (Hand in hand, we thank you all)

  Go forth, Children of the Night
  (This is the day when the veil is thin)
  (So let us enjoy it and have our fill)
  Accept their offerings of love
  (May the cycle be never stopped)
  (Lest we fade)

  As this year's harvest approach its end,
  Let's give a proper farewell
  The moon has set, the owls at rest
  So let's go usher in the new dawn

  [As the Gods bless the land]

  Share with our neighbours who have not all,
  And bless our families so long
  (Gods of Death, Gods of Life)
  (Vanquish all hopes that lie)
  (In the hearts of the evil ones) 
  [Go to sleep and rest]
  [Till the melt of the frost]

  Watch over us your children,
  So that we will make the next one
  (With your guidance,)
  (We will make the next one)
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