Sol County Fair

by VoXil | 22 Jun 2022 | Music | Synthesizer V

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I wrote a new song as an entry to the SOLARIA Crowdfunding Anniversary Original Song Contest entitled Sol County Fair. It honestly started off as using the contest as an excuse to use a deadline to wrte something with SOLARIA and Synth V on a whole but making this was rather fun! Synth V is a different workflow from other synths in terms of the reduced amount of work required to get a good result and that allowed me to focus more on the composition side of things which I liked. I’m glad this turned out to be my first Synthesizer V original.

I’m really happy with how this turned out as it’s my first time writing something so… country? Folk? I’m not sure what’s the genre to describe this but I love it. SOLARIA is a great voicebank and I must say she has both the range and versatility to work in any song that allows her. I only have her Lite bank for now so I may not be writing originals with her a lot but I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll own her fully.